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Celebrating Employability Day: How Dalcour Maclaren Supports Young People

Employability Day is the UK's largest celebration for organisations supporting people to gain, sustain, and progress in work. At Dalcour Maclaren (DM), we take great pride in our commitment to empowering and nurturing young talent and our efforts to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) within our workforce.

Opportunity Streams for Young People

DM offers several opportunity streams for young people, recognising the importance of early exposure and hands-on experience to help them make informed career choices. To this end, we provide four opportunity streams:

1. Work Experience:

DM offers up to one week of work experience, enabling young people to immerse themselves in the business and gain exposure to all sectors. This programme provides valuable insights into office work, site visits, and networking opportunities with stakeholders at all levels. By exploring different roles, young individuals can better understand their career preferences and make informed decisions for their future.

2. Work Placements:

For those seeking a more extended and focused experience, we offer work placements ranging from two weeks to one year. These placements allow individuals to delve deeper into a specific sector or team, gaining valuable knowledge and skills. Participants receive a pro-rata salary based on the length of their placement, providing financial support during their professional development.

3. Apprenticeships:

DM's commitment to nurturing young talent is evident through our apprenticeships. Currently, we offer two schemes:

  • Surveying: This comprehensive five-year apprenticeship, in partnership with Harper Adams University, equips participants with the knowledge, experience, and qualifications required to embark on a career as a rural chartered surveyor. The scheme includes a BSc Honours in Rural Enterprise and Land Management, accredited by RICS. Apprentices work alongside a dynamic team that supports their studies and engages them in diverse workstreams, including negotiating compensation claims and working on large compulsory purchase projects.

  • Land Referencing: This 2.5-year apprenticeship, in partnership with the Society of Land Referencers (SoLR), allows participants to become level 4 qualified. Through a structured curriculum, apprentices gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills in this specialised field.

DM is also actively exploring opportunities to expand our apprenticeship schemes in the Environment and Planning sector and wider Business Services to diversify our offerings further and address skills shortages as early as possible.

4. Graduate Programmes:

Our graduate programmes aim to foster the growth and development of young professionals. We currently offer three distinct programmes:

  • Surveying: Graduates joining this programme receive tailored support to achieve recognition through the RICS APC and AssocRICS training programmes. This immersive experience allows graduates to engage with all aspects of land agency work.

  • Environment and Planning: Our Environment and Planning programme provides graduates with exposure to planning, environmental, ecological, archaeological, drainage, and other technical disciplines. The programme encourages specialisation in specific areas while fostering a holistic understanding of the wider environmental service domain.

  • Geomatics: Through this programme, graduates have the opportunity to acquire a diverse range of skills encompassing GIS, CAD, Land Referencing, and Land Surveying. By developing expertise in multiple domains, graduates gain a competitive edge in the industry.

DM's Commitment to Support

We are dedicated to investing in the growth and success of our apprentices and graduates. Dalcour Maclaren fully funds all apprenticeship and graduate programmes. Participants receive comprehensive support from our dedicated learning and development team, the DM Academy. This commitment ensures that young individuals can access the resources, mentorship, and guidance necessary to excel in their chosen fields.

Promoting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

DM recognise the importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce. We take pride in our gender split, with a current ratio of 52:48 female to male employees, which is unique within our industry. However, we acknowledge the need to actively address diversity from various socio-economic backgrounds. As part of our EDI efforts, we are targeting schools, colleges, and universities in new areas, including inner-city locations, to attract and recruit a more diverse workforce for the future. By expanding our outreach efforts, we aim to provide equal opportunities to individuals from all backgrounds.


On Employability Day, Dalcour Maclaren demonstrates how we are #WorkingForBetterWork by taking significant strides to support young people in their career journeys. We provide invaluable opportunities for skill development and exploration through our work experience, work placements, apprenticeships, and graduate programmes. Moreover, our commitment to EDI demonstrates our dedication to fostering an inclusive and diverse workforce. As we continue to refine and expand our offerings, we remain a beacon of support and empowerment for young individuals embarking on their professional paths.

View our current vacancies here: or call Joanna Middleton, Head of Talent Acquisition, on 01869 717209.


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