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Are you LinkedIn?

More and more people are using LinkedIn for advice and guidance, both in their job search and throughout their career. Enhancing your profile and being active on LinkedIn shows recruiters that you have a genuine interest in their sector.

Upload a professional profile photo

That is up-to-date with a good backdrop. Profiles with photos receive a 40% higher message response rate.

Write a descriptive headline

After the photo, the headline is the first thing people look at in a profile. Mention your industry and location in your headline, and you will be more easily found in search engine results.

Include a summary and experience

Tell your story from the perspective of someone trying to determine whether they want to do business with you.

Customise your banner image

Make your profile visually stand out. Use a photo or slogan that reflects you and your industry.

Personalise the LinkedIn web address

By creating a URL that closely matches your name, you will be more easily found in search engine results.

Share updates prospects will find useful

In addition to providing links to the articles, you should comment on what’s included without being too self-promotional.

Use hashtags

Using hashtags can significantly increase awareness and engagement. Include keywords from your industry.

After updating your LinkedIn page, view our current vacancies and apply today!


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