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Alice's Graduate Story

In the realm of the power sector, where expertise and dedication are paramount, Alice Hammersley shines as an accomplished Director at Dalcour Maclaren. However, her journey in this dynamic field didn't begin with a straightforward path. Alice's story is one of resilience, passion, and unwavering commitment.

Alice began her professional journey after graduating from Harper Adams, where she studied rural property management. During her time at university, her fascination with utilities was ignited, leaving an indelible mark on her career trajectory.

Upon graduation, Alice wasted no time in pursuing her passion. Her initial attempt to join Dalcour Maclaren may not have met with success, but her determination remained unshaken. A year later, her persistence paid off, and she secured a coveted graduate role within the company.

From the outset, Alice displayed an innate understanding of her clients' operations. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse aspects of her work, she made a concerted effort to immerse herself in on-site experiences, absorbing knowledge. Additionally, her proactive engagement with company events led her to become the driving force behind the annual summer and Christmas parties for over nine years.

Alice's thirst for knowledge and professional growth was unquenchable. Within just 12 months of joining Dalcour Maclaren, she proudly achieved her AssocRICS qualification. Her diligence and dedication propelled her steadily up the corporate ladder, culminating in her current position.

Her passion for line management emerged as a standout aspect of her work, offering her immense satisfaction. Dalcour Maclaren recognised her potential and supported her in enhancing her professional knowledge, resulting in her successful passing of the APC exam in the spring of 2020.

In her early days at the company, Alice's role included land referencing and preparing access plans for survey works. Over time, her responsibilities expanded to encompass a wide array of projects, from overhead line refurbishments to large-scale diversions. Notably, she played a pivotal role in the Bramley to Thatcham CPO project, collaborating closely with the client's solicitors and acquiring invaluable experience.

Alice's journey also includes the remarkable growth of her team. From its humble beginnings, she now manages a team of over 30 individuals, serving multiple clients. Witnessing her team's collaborative spirit and the discovery of their unique strengths is a source of immense pride for her.

Throughout her tenure, Alice has seen significant changes in company events and charity initiatives. The evolution from a 60-person Christmas party to organising a gathering for over 400 attendees with her colleague Hannah is a testament to her dedication. Moreover, her involvement in charity events, such as the Tour de Dalcour, has raised substantial funds, with over £36,000 contributed to Bloodwise in 2019.

One of the most remarkable transformations Alice has witnessed is the shift towards greater collaboration among Dalcour Maclaren's offices. Gone are the days of individual office-centric operations; now, teamwork and knowledge sharing between different offices have become the norm, ultimately benefiting clients.

Despite the company's growth, Alice still feels a part of the small, tight-knit team she joined over ten years ago. Looking ahead, she envisions this sense of camaraderie and dedication to client service only growing stronger. Alice's future endeavours include identifying new opportunities for Dalcour Maclaren and mentoring junior staff members to help them excel. And, of course, there's the promise of even grander and more remarkable parties on the horizon.

In the world of power sector professionals, Alice Hammersley stands as an embodiment of dedication, growth, and a bright future. Her journey inspires those around her, and her commitment to excellence ensures that her impact on the industry will continue to shine brightly.


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