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#DMGraduates - Alfie Coward

Why did you choose DM?

I chose DM because I was first in on an internship; I applied in the summer of last year and was offered a job. Fortunately, I've carried on since I'm on the graduate scheme.

Alfie Coward - Graduate Surveyor

Is the experience what you expected?

I think the experience, to start with, wasn't exactly what I intended, and I think that was quite a good surprise. It's opened my eyes to the actual industry, and what's so different about it isn't just channelled into commercial; we do some of that, obviously, but being open to public infrastructure is quite important. I get that sort of range of experience, and I think having been able to do that is quite valuable.

What do you enjoy about the projects?

I am working on several different projects at the moment. The great thing about DM is that you work with many different people in the company and different clients. I've worked with HS2, but I've also worked with the Environment Agency. You've got that flexible ability to do different workloads with different clients, both in the sector and company-wide.

Can you summarise DM in three words?

I would use summarise DM as collaborative, integrated and unique. Collaborative, I'd say we are very much working with all clients and sectors. We all work together.

Integrated, again, you work with different workloads and use different people. You use the planning teams, use the environmental side of things. We've also obviously got such a large T&I (Transport & Infrastructure) group, so it's nice to use them.

In terms of uniqueness, I think working and liaising with landowners consistently, especially from an agricultural perspective, is quite eye-opening. We work with rural and urban landowners as well. So there's a good spread. I think that's quite unique for DM.

How would you describe the culture at DM?

At DM, we enjoy the work we've got, and we work hard with that, but at the same time, we're able to have that switch on and off period where yes, we have work to do, but actually, we have a bit of fun and enjoy ourselves.

Find out more about our graduate scheme here.

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